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Covid-19 diaries

Covid-19 Diaries: Toronto (35). Did a year of lockdown really make Bill look like Steve Bannon?

For several weeks last year, Salut! published the lockdown diaries of friends and acquaintances from around the world. Those from Bill Taylor in Toronto kicked off the series and accounted for 34 of those that appeared here (many more went on to his Facebook pages without Salut! lifting them). It seems right to return to Canada for an anniversary edition to which can be added birthday greetings ...
What did YOU do in the Great Lockdown, Daddy?
A year in the trenches. If this was World War I we’d still have another three to go.
But it isn’t (though it might be WWIII), which should be a consolation. All that mud, for one thing, and the dry-cleaning business not what it used to be.
This isn’t just the lockdown’s first anniversary, it’s also the month (though not the precise date) in which I find myself embarked, willy-nilly, upon my 74th year.
A faded red-letter day at best, all the more so because it was also the day last year that Mike Babad, one of my dearest friends, died.
It becomes more and more apparent that I’m putting down roots in my fourth country. England, the US, Canada. And now here I am, irrelevantly dwelling in L P Hartley’s “the past… they do things differently there”.
Incapable of playing the later editions of Trivial Pursuit because I don’t get one in 10 of the cultural references.

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